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Soils for the Future Tanzania 

Soils for the Future Tanzania Ltd (SftFTZ)is a private company whose goal is to establish a business around soil carbon through improved rangeland health that benefits people and nature. SftFTZ is committed to protecting the rights of the communities where carbon projects are implemented. 

SftFTZ works in partnership with CarbonSolve and Soils for the Future. 


Our Story

SftFTZ’s goal is to establish public-private partnerships (PPP) soil carbon-based financing to support improved rangeland health to the benefit of people and nature. We offer management solutions and analyses of data to help people change the way they use the land, whether through agricultural practices, grazing management, fire management, or forestry and other activities to improve soils and achieve more carbon-rich soils. Carbon projects manage natural landscapes to generate carbon credits, which are bought by companies that voluntarily seek to reduce their carbon footprint. 

In 2023, SftFTZ is advancing two carbon project concepts via local community and government partnerships.  The first concept is a PPP in Northern Tanzania to establish a livestock management-based rangeland improvement carbon project.  The second concept PPP is with Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) to establish a fire management-based soil carbon project with the Serengeti National Park (SENAPA).  

Meet The Team

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