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CarbonSolve's mission is to restore ecosystems, conserve wildlife and enhance human socio-economic development through carbon-financed land use change.

CarbonSolve’s niche in the growing carbon market is developing carbon projects in grassland and rangeland habitats where grazing and/or fire management are the dominant activities. These projects remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and sequester them in soil and/or wood, thus creating carbon credits.

The intent of all CarbonSolve's projects is to generate increased local capacity to better manage degraded rangelands, and in the process generate sufficient financial benefits from carbon revenues. These revenues will be directly distributed to local communities to

  • incentivize their participation 

  • sustain the restoration activities for decades to come.

When working with local communities on grazing management and/or fire management-based carbon projects, CarbonSolve will work with its local partners to achieve the highest standards for carbon projects, notably following methodologies from the Verra Registry and guidelines from the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA). As part of the CCBA standards, it is necessary to ensure that CarbonSolve and its local partners engage with communities to launch rangeland carbon projects by following CCBA’s guidance on Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) processes.  

Formed as an exclusive partnership between three investors, these partners came together as a way to combine their expertise to advance carbon projects in rangelands around the world.

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